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Do I need a login and password to be able to make purchase?
Shopping in Crystal Fashion does not necessitate registration. Moving on the website without logging in gives an opportunity to view and buy products, it does not, however, enable the user to see the order history. On the next order, you will have to fill-in the shipping data form again. You are not entitled to promotions for regular clients either.
How to register into online shop?
To register in the shop you need to click on “Set up an account” and enter all the data required. After you click on “Register” an e-mail with activation link will be sent. Click on the link and you can make purchase in Crystal Fashion.
I have forgotten the password – what shall I do?
If you have forgotten the password, please click on "I do not remember the password” and your give your e-mail address used in the registration process. A new password will be sent to this address.
Can I cancel the order placed?
Order is launched for realization immediately after it has been placed. There is no possibility to withdraw the order. You can inform Customer Service Department about your designation via e-mail – this information will stop the shipping process, unless the parcel has been already sent.
What are the opening hours of Customer Service Department?
You can contact Customer Service Department from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m. on 42-648-05-60 or via e-mail: info@crystalfashion.pl
What are the costs of shipping?
The costs of shipping depend on the type of payment and delivery (Courier/Polish Postal Service)
What are the payment methods for the products bought?
Payment methods for the products bought are: Cash on delivery or Dotpay.
Does payment method influence the delivery time?
No, it does not have any influence on delivery time – the time of realization is the same in both cases.
What shall I do if the products ordered are damaged?
Please, make a complaint, according to Terms and Conditions.
Can I make changes or additions in my personal data I provided in the registration process?
Personal data can be changed, it is enough to click on „edit data” after you have logged in
What can I do if the delivery date is delayed?
In such case, please contact us on 42-648-05-60.
How long is the time of order realization?
The time of realization depends on the delivery type. Delivery by Courier will take up to 5 working days and Polish Postal Service requires 14 working days from the placing order date.
Can I return the product bought?
The product bought is subject to return according to Terms and Conditions. The return can be made within 10 days from the delivery date.
How is the money refund for the returned products?
In case of cash on delivery payment, the money is transferred back to the account number provided in the return form. In case of Dotpay, the money is returned to the account from which the transfer was made.
How do I complain about faulty product bought in online shop?
You have to fill-in complaint form and send it back together with the product subject to complaint on the address of the shop provided in the „Contact” section. The shipping cost for the product subject to complaint is on the Client.
I have problems with logging in - what shall I do?
If on logging in, after you have entered your e-mail address and password a message is displayed informing that there is a data error, first make sure that the e-mail you enter is the same you provided in the registration process. If the e-mail is correct and the problem still exists, it is possible that the password is wrong, in which case please contact Customer Service Department.
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