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Terms and Conditions


General terms of sale and delivery of products launched to trading by GW & Crystal Fashion S.J., based in Łódź, 22/24Tymienieckiego St, KRS (National Court Register) 0000200386, NIP (Tax Identification Number) 728-22-56-003, REGON (Country Official Register of Units of the National Economy) 472178577, concerning consumers as stated in the Civil Code regulations (Article 221 of Civil Code).


1. General Provisions


  1. General Terms of Sale and Delivery (hereinafter referred to as “GTSD”) specify the rules of concluding sale agreements with consumers in accordance with Article 22 of the Civil Code, concerning products offered by GW & Crystal Fashion S.J. and their delivery.


  1. A consumer who makes a purchase in the internet store is an adult natural person.


  1. “GTSD” constitutes an integral part of the sale agreement concluded with consumers by GW & Crystal Fashion S.J. (hereinafter referred to as “the Seller”) with its registered office in Łódź.


  1. The Seller of the products set out in the internet store’s offer is GW & Crystal Fashion with its register office in Łódź, Tymienieckiego 22/24, registered in the District Court for the city of Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Department under KRS number 0000200386, NIP 728-22-56-003, REGON 472178577


  1. An object of transaction on the internet is the products set out in the offer presented on the Seller’s website.


2. Price List

  1. Prices presented in the Price List of the Seller are in Polish currency (PLN) and include VAT. The prices shall be increased by the delivery costs according to the amounts specified in point 4.


3. Orders

  1. Orders can be placed by using a form available on www.crystalfashion.pl in the internet store.
  2. The order placed and confirmed till12 a.m. will be realized the same day, while the order confirmed by the Consumer after12 a.m. will be realized the following day.
  3. The order is confirmed via e-mail within 24 working hours.


  1. In case of lack of possibility to confirm the order within five working days due to reasons attributable to the ordering party – the consumer (eg. no telephone number or wrong telephone number, wrong e-mail address), the order is cancelled.


  1. Upon successful confirmation of the order, the agreement concerning the product sale is concluded between the Seller and the consumer,


4. Delivery

  1. Delivery of products is carried out only on the basis of the order placed on the website of the internet store in the form specified in point 3.
  2. Date of delivery of the ordered products is the date indicated in the written announcement of the Seller in electronic form that confirms the order placed by the consumer. In a situation when a product is not available, the consumer is informed by the Seller about the suggested delivery date.
  3. The Seller is responsible for delays or unrealized orders only when the delay or the lack of realization of the order is the Seller’s fault.
  4. Furthermore, delays in the realization of the order does not place responsibility on the Seller, if it is due to the third party (e.g. it results from the decision of the public administration bodies, interruptions in the production of the ordered products at their manufacturer, strikes, lack of raw materials, etc. Simultaneously, the Seller informs the consumer to the extent possible about the next delivery date.
  5. The ordered products are delivered by the Seller to the address designated by the consumer in the order.
  6. The delivery cost is covered by the consumer. In theterritoryofPolandthe delivery is carried out by companies described in Methods of Delivery that constitute an integral part of GTSD and according to the regulations currently in force in the company.
  7. The consumer or an adult person representing him (according to the written authorization with date and legible signature) is obliged to be present at the designated address to confirm in a written form the delivery of the products, their quantity and type. Receipt of the package from a delivery company must be confirmed in a written form by the consumer who ordered the product or by a person authorized by him to do so (according to the written authorization with date and legible signature).
  8. Upon written confirmation all the risks connected with the possession and usage of the product, the risk of loss or damage, passes on to the consumer.
  9. Upon the receipt of the product, the consumer or a person authorized by him is obliged to check whether the package has no damages caused during the transport. The condition of complaint consideration is writing down a complaint protocol by the employee/contractor of the Seller or the delivery company.
  10. If the consumer or any other person present at the address designated by the consumer, who placed the order, refuses the receipt of the ordered products, the Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement and charge the consumer with the delivery costs of doubled amount.
  11. Irrespective of any provisions, the Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the execution of the agreement in favor of the Buyer due to production-technical reasons within 30 days of the conclusion date. In that case, the consumer who placed the order, shall have no claims for compensation towards the Seller.
  12. The consumer is obliged to inform the Seller about every change of place of residence immediately in a written form. The lack of such information equals the acknowledgment of the deliveries of products at addresses designated in the order as completed. 


6. Personal Data Protection


1. The consumer gives consent to the processing of his personal data by the Seller and entities acting on the Seller’s request in the original registration country and abroad, in connection with the execution of agreements concerning sales of products offered by the Seller and for marketing purposes connected with the Seller’s economic activity. The consumer is eligible to rights arising from the Act of  August 29, 1997 concerning Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws, 1997, No. 133, item 883, including all later amendments).

7. Final Provisions

1. Any matters that have not been regulated in the general terms of sale and delivery shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code.

2. In case some parts of GTST are no longer valid because of introduction of a different law, the rest of the terms is still applicable

3. By placing the order, the Buyer accepts the GTSD.

4. Differences resulting from individual computer settings (color, proportions etc.) cannot constitute the basis for the complaint.

5. The consumer who resigns from the order after having received the information about the product shipment is obliged to cover the shipping costs of delivery to the client and back to the Seller.

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